Central Vacuum System for industrial cleaning it’s the best solution
for all environments



Pharma Industry

In the production of pharmaceutical products, a central vacuum system prevents any particle of dust to be recycled in the environment and make the general cleaning and all machineries faster.

The system has a fine dust separator coupled with an absolute H14 filters, to avoid the spreading of any exhausted particles.

There is an inlet valve positioned in every lab that activates the vacuum, having immediately ready a strong suction and definitive dust-free environment in a radius of 10 meters. A dedicated set of coloured silicon brushes is available.



Automotive Industry

In the fast-pace assembly line, the cleaning must be quick and effective. Wheeled mobile vacuum cleaners are always an obstacle, out of order and often do not have enough power for a good job, because filters are immediate clogged.

With a central vacuum everything is easy, noiseless, healthy, and above it all quickly. Don’t let dust stop your manufacturing!

Thanks to the big suction diameter and the great containers capacity, even residual production particles, can be easily vacuumed and disposed. Even special power tools can be connected to central vacuum.



Chemical Industry

The quality of indoor air is an important factor for all industries using chemical substances. The workers are staying in such places many hours and 24h shifts close to mixers are common.

The healthy conditions are improving a lot since a central vacuum is installed.

Here we can use also our “hybrid” central vacuum cleaner system. Hybrid means that this system has two functions: vacuum cleaning and smoke/gas aspiration.



Food Industry

If there is a place where hygiene is crucial, it is where food is treated. The ingredients are sometimes powdery, misty, sticky, with traces of oil.

With a central vacuum is easy to clean, the suction is powerful, and filters never clog. All dust and spills of products can be collected in big-bag or large dedicated containers.

To prevent cross contamination, we have a bright range of accessories and tools. Pre- or wet & dry separators are also available.



EfW (Energy from Waste Factory)

They are also called Incinerator plants, they are highly automatized, so they need a high standard of dust and spills of ashes cleaning.

A hard industrial central vacuum in such plants, represents the only solution to get rid of fine dust and burned residuals.

The last incinerator we equipped it was processing daily 300 tons of garbage and it was the largest of Europe.



Wood, metal, 3D printing

The quality of any labs or modern manufacturing plant depends also by the quality of cleaning.

No matter what the material spills you need to clean up, a central vacuum system can clean it efficiently and collect whatever amount wherever you need.

We have also specific solutions dedicated to wood, metal, 3D printing and many other applications.



Carwash industry

The customer experience is wonderful. The suction is powerful, silent, and odourless because the blower is far away. It is also fast; the flexible hose is easy to grab.

Installation is quick and can be done in a few days. In combination to any payment system, the return on investment is ensured in a couple of years.

The only maintenance is to empty the dust container every 2000 cars. Filters are cleaned automatically with a reverse pulse jet of compressed air and all system performances are controlled by differential pressure devices.

STARVAC submits a free service of consulting, design and integration with production processes.

With a secured and simple procedure, the layout will be analysed, considering the overall production process and cleaning needs. We can ensure all details of the system are well designed and then installed in the best way, in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Starvac company is certificated ISO 9001 and can achieve on the whole central vacuum system an ATEX Z22 standard.


Certificate of Conformity n. Q-2898-20
to ISO 9001:2015 standard


ATEX version Z22
Risk-free in case of organic dust


Guaranteed answer, within 24 working hours.


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